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  1. General requirements

    1. The manufacturer will be certified for ISO-9001:2015 or AS9100D standard.

    2. For orders designated for the aviation, space and defense customers (AS&D)  the following requirements are mandatory excluding for requirement imposed directly by the final customer.

    3. The suppler shall ensure that the persons performing activities related to NAVE requirements are aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, product safety and ethical behavior.

    4. NAVE supplier's are subjected to  yearly performance evaluation (Quality and OTD) Supplier performance rating below the accepted level will result a request for improvement plan.

  2. First item (FAI) and process changes (Not Applicable for Raw materials)  :

    1. First article inspection must be performed for each first production lot.

    2. Report to be filled on AS 9102 forms, The report must include actual results.

    3. First Article must be identified.

    4. Any modification in the production process must be advised in advance to allow examination of the need for renewed approval of First Article (complete or partial).

  3. Raw materials:

    1. Raw material shall be purchased from western source. Raw materials certification C.O.A shall be subjected to NAVE for approval prior to first shipment if required.

    2. Validation of raw materials – as required by the P.O. Critical Materials shall be validated by the supplier. Validation report by approved independent laboratory shall be submitted to buyer with the applicable reports.

  4. Special Process:     

    1. Special process shall be done by a final customer and NAVE approved source.

    2. Validation of the process shall be performed by the supplier and according to applicable standard requirements. If required in the PO, additional validation may be performed by NAVE or the final customer.  

    3. Process reports shall include all required details in the PO, including description, specification and revision.

  5. Marking

    1. Parts/materials shall be marked and identify according to the applicable drawing.

  6. Approval of deviations

    1. The supplier is not authorized for any use as is or repair for non-conforming products or materials ,any deviation must be approved by NAVE

  7. Packaging and Foreign Object Damage (FOD):

    1. The manufacturer must ensure that no foreign objects infiltrate production stages and product packaging.

  8. Tractability

    1.  Parts should be identified and tractable to the heat number of the raw material by a date code (production lot).

    2. The supplier shall furnish material from one heat lot / date code.

  9. Sample inspection

    1. Sample inspection – will be performed according to ANSIZ1.4 Inspection Level II, C=0, AQL=2.5% , unless otherwise required in the PO or final documents.

  10. Customer right of entry

    1. Work under this purchase order/contract can be subject to government or customer surveillance/inspection at the supplier’s facilities and sub-tier supplier’s facility. If a surveillance / inspection is to be conducted by the government or customer the supplier will be notified prior to this event.

  11. Corrective actions report

    1. The supplier shall initiate root cause analysis and corrective actions to eliminate the cause for any non-conformities related to the suppliers activities. 

    2. The supplier shall immediately repot NAVE any non-conformities that might effect supplied materials/parts.

  12. Records

    1. The manufacturer will maintain quality records regarding products for a 10-year period at least or according to other instruction by the final customer.

    2. Destroying quality records of aerospace products requires prior approval of NAVE.

  13. Flow down requirement to sub-contractors:

    1. Outsourcing of process/activities is not allowed without NAVE prior approval.

    2. It is the supplier responsibility to flow down all applicable requirements determined by NAVE or Nave final customer to sub-contractors and suppliers.

    3. Unless otherwise specified, the supplier shall use the last version of spec/ std applicable for the P.O

    4. It is the supplier responsibility for implementing all applicable final customer requirements (The final customer as identified on the P.O)

  14. Special requirements:

    1. Special requirements, Critical Items and Key characteristics specified on the drawing, P.O or special requirements appendix (SRA) shall be controlled and managed as required by the applicable document.

  15. Control of work transfers and Production/Process changes :

    1. Temporary or permanent transfer of work related to NAVE P.O shall be subjected to the approval of NAVE.

    2. The control of work transfer shall be monitored and managed according to NAVE procedure 1.14.

    3. The supplier shall notify NAVE of changes in product and/or process, changes of suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility location and obtain organization approval prior to the implementation of changes.

  16. Lot rejection

    1. NAVE is required to be reported on every case that material lot is identified as rejected.


    1. In order to minimize the risk for the supply of counterfeit parts or materials, the supplier must meet the applicable requirements of AS6174 and following requirements:

      1. the supplier is an authorized distributor or manufacturer of the supplied item.

      2. the supplier must maintain a method to ensure supply chain traceability of the parts or material supplied, from the manufacturer to the customer site.

      3. the supplier must attach to each order, all documents proving the traceability of the purchase. Traceability of purchase includes: details of the parties involved in the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the direct source of purchase.

      4. The supplier must attach an original COC issued by the manufacturer.

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