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As products` complexity rises and customer requirements are more and more specific, a higher level of machining technologies and human resources is needed, for producing the best quality products.This is exactly what Nave offers its clients.
Nave`s state of the art technologies and superb manpower enable the company to manufacture products with strict dimensional accuracy and high level of structural complexity at the highest quality possible.


Nave Precision Machining Ltd is a machining company founded in 1982 as a family plant in the Nave family yard in Kefar Hess.

During the 80`s the company acquired a number of CNC lathes and milling machines in different sizes, establishing itself as a professional, reliable company - always growing, always on the lookout for new technologies. As a result of its efforts and progress, the company was ISO-9000 certified in 1995.

But the Nave management did not rest on its laurels. The 21 century was just around the corner and it was time to prepare for another leap forward. During the next few years the company substantially altered its organizational structure, defined new working procedures and corresponding departments for better production and quality control processes, purchased a new HSC  machining center with 25000 RPM, and moved to its current company-owned building.


Today, more than 30 years and three generations from its foundation, Nave is an advanced, modern 1,500 sq meter (16,000 sq foot) plant, located in the prospering Sharon Industrial Park in Kadima, right in the center of Israel. The spacious plant has a production floor, and a management floor, both with the air-conditioned control needed for our high quality products. The plant is active 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Nave is known as an experienced, skillful company, capable of accurately producing the most complex parts. Due to its technological capabilities and total commitment to service, Nave today can be proud of its long list of long term loyal clients, among them some of the leading companies in the Israeli market.

Nave`s size and structure give it an important advantage. On the one hand, it employs no more than 50 employees, and on the other, it has all the departments of a large corporate company. This unique situation enables the company to respond quickly and accurately to any need, and put in that special extra touch which is so advantageous for its customers.

• Management
• Production manager
• Logistics manager
• Milling department
• Turning Lathe department
• Quality assurance manager
• Quality control department
• Assembly department
• Finishing department

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